Kate Hayes

Technical Research Scientist

Kate Hayes has been engaging with data since her undergraduate career. She earned her Bachelor of Physics from the University of North Georgia where she focused on astronomy. Following her passion for learning, she attended Vanderbilt to enhance test methods for radiation-hardened semiconductor devices. She graduated with a master’s in electrical engineering.

After formal education, Kate served as the Tennessee Dept of Agriculture’s metrologist. She tested and enforced the state’s legal weights and measures for accuracy and traceability to National and International Standards. Her heavy use of statistics in the metrology field prompted an intentional pursuit of a data science and analytics career. The experience of data analysis utilizing Excel and Python Kate gained over the years is now benefiting the CCR. Joining the CCR team in 2021, Kate serves as the Technical Research Analyst and participates with various projects. When not crunching data, Kate enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and reading

O: 678-331-4405