Student Opportunities

Life University offers it’s students may opportunities to get involved in research. Research is a critical component in health care, especially Chiropractic. Students can develop their own research studies or work on a new or existing study with LIFE faculty, staff or field doctors.

Research Recruitment Team

A group of Life University faculty, staff, students, and field doctors that volunteer their time to help reach potential study participants and share the word about research being done in the CCR. Volunteer opportunities include helping out at events, presenting, reaching out to support groups, email and social media outreach, and brainstorming new ways to interact with the community.

To request more information on student research opportunities, please email

Research Track

The Research Track initiative is to educate, mentor and nurture the next generation of health science researchers. Within the graduation requirements for the Doctor of Chiropractic degree, the Research Track provides a unique opportunity for students interested in participating in research as part of their official education. There are up to five research track scholarships, and based upon student interest and proposal quality, additional students may be allowed to participate in the Research Track as unfunded participants. In addition to the scholarship potential, the Research Track consists of an alternative curriculum that allows for time to work on research projects. For additional information, you may contact one of the current Research Track advisors, Dr. Brent Russell ( or Dr. Christie Kwon (

RISE Scholarships

The Research, Innovation, Service and Education (RISE) Scholarship provides opportunities for students to compete for $2,250 per quarter in scholarship funding while working on research or other evidence-based education, service, entrepreneurial or creative project.  For more information on RISE Scholarships, please email

Student Assistants

The CCR offers volunteer opportunities for students interested in research. Research Assistants (RAs) can work with faculty, staff, other students, or field practitioners on existing research projects or research initiatives designed by the student from the ground up. While these are volunteer positions, they provide opportunities for mentorship, connections, and training which can assist the student researcher in making valuable contributions to their chosen profession.

Work Study

The CCR hosts student work study research positions. Work study students may assist with general tasks, clerical work, and record-keeping for projects.

  • Work study students are also required to Provide Human Resources and supervisor(s) with a Work Study award letter each quarter



Does chiropractic care change post-stroke ADLs and brain activation patterns?

Ni’Amber Harris


Perceived stress and patterns of autonomic function: a protocol development study

Savannah Voelker


Angular kinematics of supine cervical adjustment thrusts on Life University PAT mannequins

Mackenzie Keller


Implementation of chiropractic care in a long-term residential addiction recovery program: a pilot study to identify the benefits of utilizing chiropractic in addiction recovery treatment

Shaleigh McBride


Assessment of inter-limb symmetry in walking

Claude Maysonet


The relationship between stress scores, a single-session of chiropractic care, heart rate variability, and electroencephalography patterns.

Courtney Bliese


The effects of chiropractic care on posture and cognitive function in healthy adults

Taylor Keenan


Chiropractic Student’s Perception of Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

 Eniabitobi Kuyinu


Seasonal Infectious Disease Patient Reported Outcomes (SID-PRO)

Heather Garrison



Kinematic evaluation comparing internal frame and frameless backpacks

Jonathan & LB Bryson


Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care on a Healthy Population as Assessed by Balance and Dual Task Performance Analysis.

Shannan Behrens


The influence of rhetorical sensitivity on the chiropractors’ cultural authority

Michael Jendzurski


Examination of the effects of chiropractic care on resting state EEG and autism symptomatology in a pediatric autism population.

Trever Secraw


The neurological effects of sympathizing with patients under chiropractic care

Sadeddin Yamlikha


A role for chiropractic in the treatment of neonatal abstinence syndrome

Rebecca Young


Spinal flexibility and aortic pulse wave velocity

Kain Queck