Dr. Sid E. Williams Center for Chiropractic Research Equipment

Life University has demonstrated its commitment to the mission and the chiropractic profession through an investment in advanced research technology necessary to perform meaningful, high-quality research studies. The future aim is to leverage the technology, collaborations, and trained faculty to create a destination research lab.

Neurophysiology and Cognition


Electroencephalography: A computerized system for collecting and analyzing scalp potentials representing underlying brain activity. 64 channels with 4 additional channels for other signals, such as ECG or EMG. Curry 8 software has built in capabilities for analyzing data and creating reports.

E Prime: Cognitive assessment system and experiment generator for evoked potentials and event related potentials. Has an external response pad and microphone. Comes with expansion capabilities to synch with other devices, such as BIOPAC and Curry 8.


VNG System: A computerized video nystagmus monitoring system utilized primarily for analyzing vestibular function via eye movements under various conditions.

Cadwell Sierra Wave:  System that is used for evoked potentials, including somatosensory, visual, and auditory.

Inquisit: Cognitive assessment system and experiment generator. Available on a touch screen tablet.

Superlab: Cognitive assessment system and experiment generator. Only available on a laptop.

Integrated Noraxon Systems


Myomotion: Inertial Measurement Unit system that measures and reports velocity and orientation, using a combination of accelerometers gyroscopes, and magnetometers.


Ultium EMG: 12 wireless sensors for measuring muscle firing patterns.


Zebris Force Sensor Treadmill: a computerized instrument for collecting foot pressure data as a function of time from subjects walking on a moving belt.

Ninox Real-Time Video Capture: synchronized video capture system.

Balance Assessment


NeuroCom Smart EquiTest: Dynamic force plate system with rotation and translation capabilities to analyze a subject’s ability to maintain postural control.

Bertec: A research specific computerized force platform system for analyzing a subject’s ability to maintain balance under different conditions.


BIOPAC: Multi modular system that allows for recording of blood pressure, light transdermal stimulation, and an advanced signal analysis.

Massimo Set Technology Pulse oximeter: Utilizes a light sensor attached to a fingertip to assess blood oxygen saturation.

CareTaker4:A wireless blood pressure monitoring device paired with an bipolar ECG patch that measures physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, cardiac output, and stroke volume.



GyroStim: A multi-axis rotating chair under computer control which provides a barrage of vestibular input to the brain.

Interactive Metronome: A computerized system for rehabilitation of brain-timing responses.

MultiRadiance Medical MR4 Laser: Device for providing low-dose electromagnetic energy to cells and tissues.