Case Based Research

The healthcare field has a long history of case based research, and this video presentation was designed to provide a foundation for field practitioners and students who are interested in advancing the profession through development and publication of case based research.

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Topics covered in this video:

  • The value and historical perspective of case based research – Stephanie G. B. Sullivan, D.C., Ph.D
  • An editor’s perspective of the case report and case series – Shawn Neff, D.C., MAppSc, FACO
  • Ethics and data reporting for case reports and case series – Brent Russell, MS, D.C.
  • A step-by-step process for developing and writing a case report or case series for publication – Rebecca Deyo, D.C.

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Case Based Research Articles


Making the switch: From case studies to N-of-1 trials.

Amanda Margolis and Christopher Giuliano


Identifiying predatory or pseudo-journals.

Christine Laine and Margaret A. Winker


How is open access accused of being predatory?

Franciszek Krawczyk, Emanuel Kulczycki


The role of case reports in evidence-based practice, with suggestions for improving their reporting.

Joerg Albrecht, MD,  Victoria P. Werth, MD, Michael Bigby, MD


Six Landmark Case Reports Essential for Neuropsychiatric Literacy.

Sheldon Benjamin, M.D., Lindsey MacGillivray, M.D., Ph.D., Barbara Schildkrout, M.D., Alexis Cohen-Oram, M.D., Margo D. Lauterbach, M.D., Leonard L. Levin, M.S. L.I.S., M.A.