Technique Lab of the Future

The Dr. Sid E. Williams Center for Chiropractic Research (CCR) is dedicated to the picture1advancement of the chiropractic profession through engagement in research of significance.  Our researchers are at the forefront of studying the biomechanics of the chiropractor’s most important tool, the adjustment.   In addition to knowledge of anatomy and joint biomechanics, and the skill to correctly identify anatomical locations on patients, students need training in several physical components of performing adjustments. All of these motor skills need to be accomplished in a coordinated manner, with proper body mechanics, to produce an adjustment that is effective and safe for the patient and the doctor.

To address this need, the CCR is developing a Technique Lab of the Future (TLOF). This unique educational tool will provide an entirely new and state-of-the-art methodology for the technique faculty to utilize as a part of student learning.  Students will be taught to correctly identify anatomical locations, feel the difference between fixated and non-fixated regions, and reproduce the magnitude and speed of thrusts similar to targets provided by their instructors. Through use of an adjusting mannequin – with the look, feel, size and weight of an average person – that includes 64 pressure sensors at key spinal landmarks, an adjusting bench with built in force plate, portable force feedback devices, and motion tracking equipment, students will be able to receive advanced performance feedback during early technique training.