Brent Russell

Brent Russell

MS, D.C. - Research Faculty

Dr. Russell received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1983 from Life University and a master’s degree in 2011 from Georgia State University (Exercise Science, Biomechanics Concentration.) As a professor at Life University, he teaches the courses Introduction to Research Methods and Selected Topics in Biomechanics. The majority of his time is devoted to biomechanics-related research.

Research Interests:

  • Biomechanical outcomes measures of chiropractic care

Recent publications & conference presentations:

  • Russell BS, Hosek R, Hoiriis KT. Kinetic gait evaluation of three patients with foot and ankle injuries, before and after a limited protocol of chiropractic care. 2015 Association of Chiropractic Colleges’ Research Agenda Conference.
  • Owens EF, Hosek R, Sullivan S, Russell B, Mullin L, Dever L. Developing training targets for lumbar spine HVLA adjustments in a chiropractic program. In press with the Journal of Chiropractic Education.
  • Owens EF, Hosek R, Mullin L, Dever L, Sullivan S, Russell B. Thrust magnitudes, rates and 3-dimensional directions delivered in simulated lumbar spine HVLA adjustments. World Federation of Chiropractic 13th Biennial Congress. 2015.
  • Russell BS. Letter to the Editor concerning ”High-heeled-related alterations in the static sagittal profile of the spino-pelvic structure in young women” by Min Dai et al. Eur Spine J. 2015; DOI 10.1007/s00586-015-3857-6
  • Hoiriis KT, Russell BS. Case report: a patient with low back pain and somatic referred pain concomitant with intermittent claudication in a chiropractic practice. Topics Integr Health Care. 2014; 5(1): ID 5.1004.
  • Russell BS, Hoiriis KT, Guagliardo J. Correlation between student performances on course level integrated clinical skills examinations and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations in a chiropractic college program. J Chiropr Educ. 2012 Fall; 26(2); 138-45.
  • Russell BS, Muhlenkamp KM, Hoiriis KT, DeSimone CM. Measurement of lumbar lordosis in static standing posture, with and without high-heeled shoes. J Chiropr Med. 2012; 11(3):145-53.

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