The CCR’s biomechanics research uses force plate, force sensor, and motion sensor technology to understand how chiropractic adjustments can influence the kinetic chain and alter neurologic function. This technology is also being adapted to understand the force, ergonomic, and motion aspects of chiropractic adjustment application.


Neuroscience and Cognition

The CCR’s neuroscience and cognition research uses advanced technology and assessment methods to greater understand the relationships between chiropractic care, applied neuroscience, intention and the nervous system.


Practice Based Research

The Practice Based Research Initiative is designed to work with field practitioners and electronic health records providers to answer key research questions relevant to the chiropractic profession and Life University.


Technique Lab of the Future

The Technique Lab of the Future involves the development of an adjusting mannequin, which would be used to develop students’ motor skills in an early stage of their education in addition to advancing the understanding of the adjustment.